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Michael Thompson
(Mike Furry, TPF)

Inks, Editing, and Writing

Michael is a poor artist from the distant land of British Columbia, Canada.  He draws in his spare time at his local Tim Hortonís where he has been know to consume large quantities of coffee, cola and doughnuts in the process.  Michael is currently drawing for pleasure & relaxation, and occasionally has art up for sale on FurBid.  Suffering from high levels of stress and low self esteem, Michael is not the quickest artist around, and often will spend days on a project instead of getting it done in hours.


Michael Thompson
410 7th Avenue
New Westminster, BC
  ICQ:  36941401
  Web Page:
 Fur Affinity


Akeem Lofton

Pencils and Writing

Aside from being a single father, a recently graduated nursing student, and keeping down a job, Akeem takes time out from his busy now and then to draw.  This Chicago native works hard to support his son as well as did what it takes to complete his nursing degree.  At present, he is a little over worked and under paid and does not have much time to draw as one he did but still gets as much done as he can.  He has a unique style and a love of woman that is quite prevalent in his artwork.  Akeem has just recently returned to the World Wide Web with the purchase of a new PC and an internet connection.

Web Pages:
Fur Affinity


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