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Mike Furry
The People's Furry

Michael Thompson


Mike Furry, formerly TPF, is our ever loving bearcat.  Hes a fun loving, over stressed fur sometimes referred to a T-bear and Turbo Tongue by his mate Hunni.  A bit of an artist, he mostly spends his time puttering about his sketch pads or out and about on the prowl for more playmates for him and his lovely Hunni to share or tease.  Before meeting Hunni, Mike was a run down and nearly broken Furre, but after an act of kindness on his part toward the lovely demi-love-godess, she began to fall in love with him, and asked him to be her mate.



Akeem Lofton

Hunni is actually a blue doe. Her mother Gaja, was an alien goddess of sex & love and her father Skye-Bluedeer. Hence her blue coloration.  She's inherited her mother's traits in shape shifting, but that's about it.  She's placed all her skill into what she considers her sexiest form; A bearcat made entirely of rainbow Sherbet, and kept cool and sentient by enheirited fae magicks.  She met Mike when he was still young and very green, but because of his kind heart and willingness to give, she began to feel something for him.  A few years later, after he had had a nasty break up, she asked him to be her mate, and they have been happy ever since.



R. P. Moris

Tio is a mystical kitsune with a mischievous nature and a warriors spirit.  She is not really alive nor dead, but a wandering spirit who has taken anthro form.  In order to stay in the physical, she needed to anchor herself to a mortal, this being our favourite T-Bear.  A being of great emotion, she revels in the abundance of love and well being that Hunni and Mike have for each other, even sharing in it, wanting nothing more than to amplify and continue it for as long as possible.  She does not have a traditional colouring;  no orange fur with black tail tips, but instead, she is almost all white, with a fiery plume of read at each of her eight tail tips.

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