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We do this in our spare time.  We do it for the fun of it, but we need some help.  If you could help out with a few bucks, we would greatly appreciate it.  The best way to do this to use PayPal
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I would like to have an option that is similar to PayPal, as PayPal is not fully liked by many.  If you know of another company that offers online payment transfers, please email me and let me (Michael) know. 

Donations will go to various items needed for us to keep the comic up and running as well as ourselves up and running.  Akeem is a single parent with a stack of bills from over the years as well as no computer.  Michael is out of work and needs a new computer as well as the one he uses to do all the art touch ups, maintain this comic website, and all the other things that brings DtBC to the WWW is literally breaking and falling apart on him, as well as there are the growing bills.


Commissions are done by both of us from time to time depending on available time and current situations.  The best way to find out if we are available for commissions or not is to simply e-mail us.  Prices will vary.

  E-mail Michael        E-mail AEBL


If you like the art that we have here in our comic and that of our sites, and you want something for your dollar, why not buy some of our art.  Please note a second and third Reala portfolio is currently in the works.
Reala's Mona Lizard Portfolio

Booklet     (2005)
Rated: Mature  (Nudity and Suggestive) 
$8.00US for Canada or USA (includes shipping)
$10.00US for Over Seas (includes shipping)

Sitting pretty in pink (cover), this collection of 20 image featuring some of AEBLs newest art, as well as some old favourites.  Rated Mature, it features a little bit of everything from cute & cuddly, to sleek and seductive, to some VERY suggestive full frontal nudity.  Mrowl.

Reala's Rough & Raw Portfolio  *Almost Sold Out*

Booklet     (2004)
Rated: Adult (Yiffy!) 
$8.00US for Canada or USA (includes shipping)
$10.00US for Over Seas (includes shipping)

Raw hot action and hotter babes fill this 20 page collection of drawings by AEBL featuring Reala (left), the well built and well stacked dino among others.  Everything from pin-ups to full out orgies await you with in the pages of this booklet.

Mike Furry's Odd's and Ends

Booklet     (2004)
Rated: Mature  (Nudity and Suggestive)
$8.00US for Canada or USA (includes shipping)
$10.00US for Over Seas (includes shipping)

Cute girls, comical pictures, 'roo girl hugging a plushy, a bunny who loves her carrots WAY too much, and our favourite bearcat in bondage gear? o.O  Well, it's still worth looking through, brining a smile to your lips and maybe a chuckle.

20 images worth of cartoon to mature drawings composed as a booklet for easy browsing.  Purr.



Make payments payable to Michael Thompson.  Why?  (I am the one who puts everything together.)  You can send payments via mail or Paypal.  Money Orders (obtainable from banks or the post office), can be sent to:


Michael Thompson
410 7th Avenue
New Westminster, BC

Please allow for 6 to 8 weeks as this is coming from my little corner of Canada.  I am going with everything done in US funds for now as I have to split the money with Akeem  For any other quesitons, please feel free email me.

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